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Candle Snuffer

Candle Snuffer



100% pewter candle snuffer manufactured for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and produced at the Royal Selangor Pewter Factory in Selangor Malaysia. Inspired by the collection of the museum, this new item is made in a traditional style decorated cone shape with arched handle/finger loop. Pewter is a uniqutrte and soft metal that was primarily used for artifacts that would later be made from porcelain. After this it was mainly used for specialty items like this candle snuffer.


Age: Contemporary


Condition: New and Unused


Use & Functions:  Candle Snuffer


Build Materials: 100% Royal Selangor Pewter


Historic Relevance:

            Pewter is a soft tin-based alloy that was very popular for household items in the Middle Ages.


Brand History:

Royal Selangor


Asking price is $75 or best offer. All reasonable offers are welcome.

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