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Gold Opera Glasses

Gold Opera Glasses



Beautiful antique spring bridge folding pince-nez opera glasses / spectacles. Come with the original case. These spring-loaded glasses have a classic lorgnette handle with bow ready for a chain to be worn around the wrist or neck. The name “Pince-Nez” refers to the fact the glasses sit or “pinch” the bridge of the nose as opposed to having the traditional arms that sit overtop the ears. The glasses are spring loaded and operate by a small push button in the handle. They are ornately engraved and feature beautiful art nouveau styling. Both lenses are completely intact and have no chips or cracks. They are stamped “PAT JAN 30 ‘1” and “1/C 14k Gold Filled” Can be used at the opera, ballet, theatre, music venues, for bird watching or the horse track.

Age: 1901 Approx.


Condition: Very good for age. Fully functioning binoculars. Some patina to gold. No chips or cracks to either lens.


Use & Functions: Optical Magnification, Binoculars


Build Materials: 14K Gold Filled


Historic Relevance: Opera / Theatre Glasses are small binoculars often used at live events for a better view of the performance. Their name comes from their popularity at the Opera.


Asking price is $250 or best offer. All reasonable offers are welcome.

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