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Tea Set

Tea Set



            Beautiful EILONG brand hand made Taiwanese pottery tea set for two with premium Taiwanese Oolong tea in gift box. Coming with one traditional and delicately decorated tea pot accompanied by a set of small matching cups. The pottery is white with hand painted blue flowers with gold accents. Also included in the box is an unopened container of Geow Yong Tea Hong Oolong tea. There is also a detailed pamphlet with information about Geow Yong Tea Hong and their history as well as the history of Oolong Tea. The tea pot features small filter holes built into the spout as well as a vent hole in the lid and beneath the handle.


Condition: New


Use & Functions:  Functional Traditional Tea Set


Build Materials: Taiwanese Ceramic Pottery, Oolong Tea


Historic Relevance: Tea has been used for ceremonial purposes as well as enjoyed as a relaxing beverage for thousands of years.


Brand History: EILONG is a premium ceramics maker located in Taiwan. Founded in 1842 Geow Yong Tea Hong is one of Taiwan’s foremost producers and exporters of premium tea, most notably locally grown Oolong tea.


Asking price is $150 or best offer. All reasonable offers are welcome.

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