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Tube Radio

Tube Radio



            Beautiful vintage wooden tabletop tube radio produced by Rogers Majestic. Featuring a large speaker with fabric cover and art deco design this functioning radio has Bakelite knobs and a gorgeous glass panel for reading the station/setting. Featuring frequency ranging from 500 to 1600htz the panel reads 5 bands and lists international frequencies via the names of major cities such as Chicago, Paris, Hong Kong, Rome, Havana, Toronto, Panama, Moscow, New York, Rio and more!


Tube radios are a unique and sought-after part of audio, entertainment, and manufacturing history. Bakelite as well was a precursor to more modern materials such as plastic and further adds to the authentic vintage feel.



Age: Vintage ( 1920’s – 1940’s Approx. )


Condition: Functioning with some volume and issues with changing the stations. Has a modern antenna placed in the rear for optimal sound quality.


Use & Functions:  Radio with working tubes, Great for display purposes in a business, retail space,

show room or for home decor


Build Materials: Wood, glass, fabric, metal electronic components


Historic Relevance:

Tube Radios are one of the earliest forms of radio and mass produced consumer electronics. Radio airplay including music, news broadcasts, and more was one of the most popular forms of entertainment throughout the 20th century.


Brand History:

Rogers Majestic


Asking price is $350 or best offer. All reasonable offers are welcome.

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