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Hood Ornament

Hood Ornament



            Beautiful piece of unique artwork. This is an authentic hood ornament from the golden era of automobiles. This is a metallic casting of a swallow in flight and would have adorned the hood of an early 20th century car. These were either custom made to order, picked from catalogs, or chosen by the buyer of the car at certain dealerships upon purchase. Hood ornaments like these are part of a unique time period in automotive manufacturing and the history of cars around the globe. The bird is depicted with spread wings in midflight in classic Art-Deco style. The original sculptor of the piece is unknown. The ornament would have most likely been manufactured sometime between the 1920’s and 1950’s. It is currently mounted on a beautiful cube of white marble featuring lovely grey and black veins. The designer who first sourced the ornament and paired the marble base is an artist in their own right (as well as curator and dealer) who stated they held possession of the ornament for many years before finding the perfect piece of marble to complete the current presentation.


Age: Vintage ( 1920’s – 1950’s Approx. )


Condition: Patination on the exterior of the ornament consistent with age. Small indentation in bottom of marble base (Always Present).


Use & Functions:  Display purpose artwork, Historic Show Piece


Build Materials: Metal ( Aluminum, Nickle ), Marble


Asking price is $275 or best offer. All reasonable offers are welcome.

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