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Vintage Sign

Vintage Sign




This one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing sign features fantastic vintage brand heritage and a three dimensional gentleman (Johnnie Walker himself), with his walking cane and top hat carved in wood and finely painted! With a black border the red background provides the refined look and sophistication of Johnnie Walker with the brand name, product, 3D-logo, and tagline all featured overtop.

The sign reads:


“Scotch Whisky”



This is a large vintage wall hanging advert built for professional display. This means it is high quality and made to last as expected from the brand. Perfect use for display in a restaurant or bar, retail setting, man cave or show room!


Dimensions: 24” x 16”

Condition: Very Good for Age and Ready for Display

Use & Functions: Large Prominent and Attention-Grabbing Wall Hanging Brand Advertisement

Build Materials: Wood and Weatherproof Paint


Historic Relevance:

Before electric lights and neon, many signs were handmade and hand painted and the more creative and robust the sign for display the higher quality. A handmade piece like this would catch the attention of shoppers and notify them of the high-quality beverages available at this location and stand the test of time as a wall hanging inside or out of a drinking establishment.


Brand History:

Finding success selling blended Scottish whiskeys in the early 1800’s grocer John Walker has gone on to make history with his world-famous line of Whiskeys. Mentioned in literature and seen in movies as well as store fronts and signs across the globe Johnnie Walker is one of the leading brands in high quality spirits.


Asking price is $400 or best offer. All reasonable offers are welcome.

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