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Established Fall, 2019

Toronto, Ontario


"Time is the most valuable asset we have, and a good timepiece will remind you of that."

- Sean Wakely-Mulroney,

Proprietor & Principal Sales Consultant


Accipiter Sales and Services is more than just a retailer; we are curators of taste and history, providing customers with not only products but also experiences that enrich their lives.

With nearly two decades of sales experience, spanning delicately crafted fine jewelry to items as grand as pianos, it was time to leverage this wealth of knowledge to curate a unique expression and catalog for the city of Toronto. Officially established in the fall of 2019, Accipiter Sales and Services' perspective on curation is grounded in the global experience and an international appreciation for what constitutes high quality, historically significant, and artistically meritorious pieces.




Passion is paramount when it comes to dedication, and here at Accipiter, we harbor a deeply ingrained focus on vintage wristwear specializing in Swiss watches from the 1950s to the late 1990s. Carefully selecting a handful of brands that epitomize the pinnacle of late 20th-century craftsmanship, guides our hand and bestows upon us an expert's eye for authentication, evaluation, and curation.


While the history of horology boasts a rich tapestry of names, brands, and models, our focus is reserved for those that have withstood the test of time. With a pronounced emphasis on 1990s TAG-Heuer sports models and mid-to-late-century Omega dress watches, we also offer hand-picked selections from esteemed makers such as Bulova, Cartier, Hamilton, Longines, Rolex, Tissot, Tudor, and Zenith. From this carefully curated selection, we present both rare and highly sought-after models from the most revered names in watchmaking over the past half-century. This philosophy ensures that our clientele receive only the most noteworthy examples of horology, renowned for their precision and dependability in vintage Swiss craftsmanship. Additionally, this focused approach allows us to provide a balance of offerings, catering to collectors and enthusiasts alike. While our inventory may include pieces from Grand Seiko, Waltham, IWC, and others, we choose to maintain our dedication to the aforementioned makers in pursuit of a refined collection and to further enhance our expertise.


Art & Antiques


We firmly subscribe to the notion that "a picture is worth a thousand words," and we embody this philosophy within the realm of art and antiques. Our focus lies on those exceptional items that command attention and tell a compelling story upon first glance. Items of historical significance and those that captivate from across the room are our primary objectives. It is our aspiration to transform the spaces they inhabit into settings of conversation and contemplation. This emphasis on storytelling and creating atmospheres rich in character sets us apart in the world of luxury retail and home décor.




  • Complimentary Informal Appraisals of Jewelry, Watches, Art & Antiques


  • Research on Product Information and Provenance of Private Items for Appraisal and Insurance Purposes

  • Sales Consultation for Private Shopping


  • Jewelry Cleaning


Customers are responsible for all additional costs prior to making their purchase including but not limited to shipping, taxes, VAT, COD, and duties etc., unless otherwise agreed upon before sale. Products are sold as described and



This dealer curates artifacts of historic significance for the purpose of preserving history and expanding our understanding of the past. These items are solely for research purposes and historic provenance. We hold no political leanings and in no way support any extremist groups or organizations past or present.

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