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Established Fall, 2019

Toronto, Ontario


Serving Toronto’s finest with enthusiasm and considerable attention to detail,


Accipiter Sales & Services is the first destination for many when dealing with the purchase or sale of valuables of all kinds.

With over a decade of experience in the appraisal, marketing and sale of fine objects as small as an engagement ring or as large as a piano, customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations has always been a paramount philosophy of our business model.


Formally established in the fall of 2019 with an acute focus on vintage, high-quality, Swiss watches - this initially narrow field of attention helped us fashion our rigorous and proprietary methods of inventory curation, product authentication and quality control we now apply to all areas of consideration.



  • Complimentary Informal Appraisals of Jewelry, Watches, Art & Antiques


  • Research on Product Information and Provenance of Private Items for Appraisal and Insurance Purposes


  • Sales Consultation for Private Shopping


  • Jewelry Cleaning


  • Framing and Mounting Services


Customers are responsible for all additional costs prior to making their purchase including but not limited to shipping, taxes, VAT, COD, and duties etc., unless otherwise agreed upon before sale. Products are sold as described and



This dealer curates artifacts of historic significance for the purpose of preserving history and expanding our understanding of the past. These items are solely for research purposes and historic provenance. We hold no political leanings and in no way support any extremist groups or organizations past or present.

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