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Terra Firma

Environmental Considerations

Specializing in vintage and antique items promotes a field of business that not only operates but thrives within a very environmentally conscious ethos. With many of our items being decades old we bring new life into high quality valuables that can be used and appreciated without the need of purchasing new. As Accipiter Sales & Services continues to take careful consideration of these ideals, we will continue to expand on our current methods of reducing our environmental impact.

Currently the bulk of our products are sourced and sold locally, minimizing the use of import or delivery via air travel - one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. Furthermore, Accipiter Sales and Services only orders packaging in the smallest available quantities ensuring our ability to source newer and better materials each time around. Additionally, we offer a variety of packaging options including the bare minimum - for customers who simply desire their product, with any associated written information such as a spec. sheet and bill of sale, provided in digital format.

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