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Carved Deer Antler

Carved Deer Antler



Beautiful hand carved deer antler. This vintage piece of artwork features the design of an eagle’s head and feathers stretching from the base upwards through the tines. The eagle has an open beak with curled tongue inside as well as piercing eyes on the left and right side and displays an abundance of further detail in the feathers which stretch up most of the antler. The ends are left uncarved and polished. Comes on a rough wood base.


Currently the antler and base are not attached so the item is only immediately ready for tabletop display. However, there are predrilled holes already in place to attach the two, it just requires being screwed together tightly. The base features a hanging attachment at the back but would require being permanently affixed to the antler for wall hanging first.


Dimensions: 1’ by 1.5’


Age: Vintage


Condition: Good for age


Use & Functions:  Wall hanging or Desktop display


Build Materials: Deer Antler with wooden base


Asking price is $275 or best offer. All reasonable offers are welcome.

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